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TESOL Certification Spain Ourense
The main thing I learned in this unit was the fact that there are four basic language skills; reading and listening which are receptive as well as speaking and writing which are productive...
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TESOL Certification Spain Salamanca
I have learnt that eyes,voice and gesture are essential elements for the classroom management,and I know how to group my students to(whole class,individual and pair work)according to so many factors and I now understand their pros and cons,and it is so important to to know how to arrange the classroom depending on (the students age,their nationalities,the class size and the space available) and it can be in circles,horseshoe,rows or individuals and each of them has advantages and disadvantages,and about writing on the board the teacher has to maintain its rules, beside maintaining teachers talk time and students talk time to maintain discipline among the students in the class which depends upon many factors...
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TESOL Certification Spain Zaragoza
For Business English we can use our ignorance about one's job to elicit greater conversation; we need to find out what a person does and ask to job shadow; remain in professional dress and demeanor; and keep records...
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TESOL Certification Sri Lanka Colombo
This unit taught me more about the various roles teachers can play in their students' learning, and how to choose the most appropriate role for a given learning environment and clientele...
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TESOL Certification Sudan Al Fashir
Learning the system and structure of past tenses was very helpful, particularly as I am starting to see the similarities across continuous forms, perfect forms, and perfect continuous forms...
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TESOL Certification Sudan Al-Ubayyid
This unit describes the assortment of levels and kinds of classes that teachers may take on in the career path of English as a Foreign Language...
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TESOL Certification Senegal Thies
Physical properties of sounds that are being classified is called phonology or phonetics in which stress, rhythm, and intonation are studied and analyzed...
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TESOL Certification Serbia Belgrade
The unit covers a range of special group teaching situations, including children, adult business English, and individual lessons...
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TESOL Certification Serbia Krusevac
Unit 2 provides the very valuable and necessary teaching methods that each teacher should use and the lesson structures best used in the classroom...
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TESOL Certification Serbia Novi Sad
As a native English speaker, I have always struggled with understanding the English grammar and all the various rules and conditions that apply to it...
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TESOL Certification Serbia Pancevo
There are seven types of simple tenses namely future simple, future continuous ,future perfect, future perfect continuous ,present continuous ...
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TESOL Certification Serbia Smederevo
This lesson introduced techniques to use and important aspects to consider when teaching new language, namely vocabulary, grammar, and other language functions...
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TESOL Certification Serbia Subotica
I learned about the four forms of the present tense: present simple, present perfect, present continuous, and present perfect continuous, as well as the three function of each form: positive, negative, and interrogative...
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TESOL Certification Somalia Baidoa
In my opinion it is vert important to make a plan lesson especially for inexperienced teachers to be able to be as flexible as this would require...
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