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In this unit, theories, techniques and applications of teaching pronunciation and phonology are examined. Factors that help in understanding pronunciation include both intonation as well as syllable stress on particular words in a sentence. Techniques for indicating and teaching intonation include hand gestures, blackboard use, as well as humming and singing. Understanding where the stress falls on a word in a sentence requires that one first, understands the meaning of the word, \"stress\", in this instance, and secondly, knows the rules surrounding words with various syllables. Phonetics is also examined in this unit,as is the concept and technical points of articulation and sounding out vowels and consonants are, as they relate to the techniques for indicating and teaching the pronunciation of particular sounds as well as contrastive stress. From this unit, I have learned to read phonetic script, in addition to learning more about the rules and teaching techniques of stress in syllables.