TESOL Kathmandu

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J.D. - U.S.A. said:
The videos shows 2 types of class demonstration. In the first lesson, the teacher was not engaging with the students. The teacher did not explain the topic of the lesson and was intimidating. He was also not fully prepared for the lesson. Instead of encouraging students, he shunned the students when they asked questions. He did not have the full knowledge of the topic because when the student asked difference between \"can\" and \"could\", he was not able to answer it and later gave the wrong information. The students were not participating in the first lesson as the teacher did not seem to engage them. He kept on saying that the topic was very easy and anyone can do the exercises. He did not explain the topic in simple language and with interactive methods. In the second lesson, the teacher started off by introducing himself, smiling and asking the names of the students, thereby creating a rapport with the students. He started the topic with interactive and engage activity. The students participation was very good as he was acknowledging the correct answers. He used mimes and pictures for the engage and study phase. He first explained and gave examples for the exercises. This created clarity and confidence in the students. The teacher should adopt the second technique for teaching the lessons to the students.