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Unit nineteen discusses various groups of students that an English teacher may encounter in his or her career and how to adapt to their special needs. The unit gives helpful tips on how to teach beginner learners, young learners, multi language group learners, and those who want to learn English for their business. In this unit I learned helpful tips and ideas to use when teaching business students English such as filling in a \" Needs Analysis\" form with the students, not speaking in their native tongue while teaching, and always to be over prepared than under prepared!Classroom equipment and teaching aids is a very important to effective teaching yet it's the least talked about part of teaching process. This unit has provided us with some useful information on the some mordern and basic classroom equipment. They inlude the traditional black board, the mordern interactive whiteboard, DVD/CD player, Over Head Projector, Video camera, worksheet, cassette recorder, Visual aids, computers, and the list gooes on and on. The unit does not just contin the names and the use of these teaching aids, it also focuses on how to use them effectively.