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This unit has been useful because it has helped me to reaffirm that I should help students to improve listening and reading skills. I appreciate that this unit suggests how to take steps to ensure reading and listening activities do not overburden or bore the students. The layout of the \"Elvis Presley\" lesson plan on pages 4 and 5 can be a useful resource for comparing my own reading and listening lesson plans in the future. I will now aim for making reading and listening more appropriate and engaging for students/This lesson covered use of course materials, both authentic and created. One of the main points of this unit is that teachers should be dynamic in what materials they use based on the needs of their students. No course book or designed material is a be all, end all solution. Some materials created for the purpose of teaching English are out-dated or simply not well done. A mix of relevant, authentic materials along with created materials can be employed to great effect to hold student interest and engage them to learn.