TESOL Lomas De Zamora

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C.C. - Canada said:
The video format of this unit was an effective way of demonstrating how lesson planning and teacher attitude affects the success of a lesson. The contrast of styles between the first video and the second video show how the teacher's mannerisms either dampen or elevate the students' participation and understanding of the lesson. For example, in the first video the teacher repeated regularly that the lesson would 'be easy' with a lot of intimidating prompting which ended up causing the students to feel shy. Alternatively, in the second lesson the teacher prompted responses by being friendlier, using their real names, and avoiding intimidating labels in order to give the students confidence in their responses. Even when making mistakes, the teacher in the first video was very dismissive and barely corrected which made for an awkward and unhelpful lesson. This is just one example about how the energy and appreciation for your own time, as well as your students' time, transcends barriers made by language and builds rapport. Meanwhile, the ESA structure of the second lesson was far more interesting and structured and thus encouraged more language comprehension and practice throughout the lesson. The teacher made the lesson worth it for everyone involved.