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Unit 8 is about Future tenses. It's one of the most complicated subjects in grammar.There are about 7 most common sub-topics. They are all explained and compared to each other. The unit also provides examples and teaching ideas how to use this in the classroom. I'm already with most of the parts but I also learned some new things. I find this unit very useful for my classes because I can use the suggested teaching ideas and the comparison of usage, form, and functions.Unit 4 contains the how to apply the vocabulary, functions and grammar to the ESA methods to introduce new language. Difficulties may arise while teaching new vocabulary depending on the appropriacy to the students and task, frequency and coverage and teachability. Students need to know what the language means, how it is used, what the grammatical form is, and how it is said/written.I learned how to put into action the ESA methods while teaching grammar and vocabulary.