Colleges Authorised TESOL

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

M.V. - Philippines said:
I’ve learned many things from the course. For example, the role of the teacher largely depends on the type of activity and students. Before doing any activity, I’ll make sure to know the students well and their culture and understand their personalities. I’ll use activities that would tell more about themselves. Also, as a teacher I should be able to easily switch roles and carry out the required role. I’ll do this by being flexible and by planning in advance. In addition, it is very important that as teacher, I should master the grammar and discuss clearly the differences between the confusing verbs. I’ll take more exercise, equip myself with more knowledge about english grammar and its complexities and prepare in advance to answer some of the student’s confusion on grammar. Studying various methods and approaches are very useful too. I’ve learned that a method depends on my personality, student’s culture and needs. I’ve also learned different teaching strategies using ESA in different ways. My lesson plan shouldn’t be too rigid but it should allow adjustments and flexibility because a lesson may not be suitable to another class of the same level. I’ve learned that in teaching there should be an atmosphere of relaxing control so that students won’t feel nervous and controlled too much. I’ll carry out rules and state them at the beginning of the class. Learners should learn to participate in following the set rules to maintain orderliness in the classroom. In addition, I’ve learned about the places of articulation which can help my students to understand how to articulate better. Finally, I’ve learned that continuous development of oneself and revising of lesson plans to make it suitable to student’s needs, will make a class successful.