TESOL Jobs Starsy Oskol Russia

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A comprehensive presentation of equipment, aids and resources, some of which I had not heard of before. They all provide fine benefits as long as a teacher prepares and practises properly before using them. I would prefer to keep things simple by using uncomplicated equipment. For example, it seems much more sensible to use a straightforward board than an IWB which seems to require inordinate attention to technology rather than to what students should be learning.This unit helped me understand how what we learned in different units must be brought together in order to effectively teach and educate the students. i learned how to plan lessons in that I would have to keep it clear and simple as well as flexible so that I can adapt it to the needs of the class. I will also ensure that there is a healthy mix of skills throughout the lesson so that different types of students with auditory, kinetics etc needs can be stimulated.