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This unit really got me thinking about the best way to teach the material to young learners, as it's really complex in nature. Whilst I still don't have the answer to this question, it's something I will continue to think about, as well as research further, in order to find an easy way of explaining these tenses. As a native English speaker, I find that these sentences come easily to me, however, in school, I was never taught the \"sub-tenses\". I was only ever taught past, present and future tense. These sub-tenses are new to me, but I feel I've grasped the concept well.This unit covered the teaching of productive skills. Of the four skills, the productive skills are writing and speaking. This unit first discussed the differences between teaching accuracy and teaching fluency. It said neither is more important, and both need to be focused on at the appropriate times. The unit then went on to discuss activities for teaching speaking and writing. Some activites are more focused on accuracy, like speaking drills, while others, like creative writing, should be more focused on fluency and allowing the students to produce English on their own.