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There are so many teaching tools and so much equipment that I sometimes get panicked at the thought that I'm falling behind the rest of the world. My self-confidence comes back as soon as I recall that I master on of the most important teaching skills, I'm able to prepare a lesson on a lap, just with a pen and paper. Still, I enjoy using scientific videos, cartoons, excerpts, short movies, ads, radio programes etc. Surely, they are inspiring for learners and teachers alike. I've picked some visual facilitation skills, they also come in handy quite often, let alone that to think over how to arrange and show information on the lesson may be useful for the teacher as well. Being extremely patient, quite creative and experienced teacher, I have to say that sometimes students get very little even out from very creative, colourful, weel-prepared and inspiring lesson. Never stop trying and appreciate every new word/ chunk/collocation/grammar constraction your students have got from the lesson. That's how it works.