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B.R. – U.S.A. said:
Troubleshooting is a skill that takes practice in order for teachers to gain the ability and confidence to deal with problems that might arise in class. In this lesson, we have focused on the problems which a teacher might face in their career which includes how to build rapport with the students, whether the students are familiar with each other, evaluating the needs and the levels of among the learners. Furthermore, teachers also need to distinguish which activities should be constructed during different stages of the course. As a class can have a combination of students with different strengths and levels of English, different arrangement of the class will be able to affect the students? learning. For example, when teachers are dealing with students with different levels, they can arrange more pair work activities between the strong and weak students and hence students are able to help each other and increase their problem solving skills. Using the same material but aim for a different task among groups can also be considered as the adjustment of teaching skills according to the levels of the students.