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K.T. – U.S.A. said:
This unit taught me about present tenses- simple present, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. We need to know the the various forms, usages, typical student errors and all the activate stage teaching ideas of present tense. Simple present means- I do, I write, I go, I eat etc.. Present continuous is I am doing this, I am writing a letter, I am eating ice cream. The negative form of present continuous is We are not doing the work. Present Perfect is I have written the document. Present Perfect can relate the past to the present.The Question form if present perfect is Have you written the document? And the last is present perfect continuous, here the tense relates past activities to the present. It means that either the activity is likely to continue in the future or that activity was in progress for some length of time or both. For example-I have been working in this office since 10 years. There are various ways of teaching these tenses to the students in the class. This unit is very important as tenses form the basic of forming a simple sentence, it is very important to clear the difference in present perfect and present simple and others so that our english improves.