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This unit has taught me that there are different ways to evaluate students and why I should evaluate them. I understand the need for a diagnostic test as it is really helpful in gaining knowledge to use in future lessons. When I first started teaching in my program I was kind of thrown into it. We had an orientation but not a class that really taught use the things that this course is teaching me. We also didn't need a TEFL or TESOL certification. So I've had to learn as I go. A diagnostic test would have been helpful with learning the students levels as my afterschool classes group two grades together and their levels are all different. I did however know that I should learn the students' interest as I felt it would be a great encouragement to them. Anyways, luckily I decided that I wanted a TEFL/ TESOL certification as these lessons have been helpful in gaining new ideas and knowledge, as well as reviewing what I have already learned through trial and error.