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This unit discussed the various types of course materials that may be used in the classroom (texts, supplementary worksheets, etc.). I felt like it was useful to have a pros and cons analysis of the use of the materials. This helped to reinforce the concept of blending the different materials together to support and complement each other, and not relying on teaching completely out of a text, or entirely with outside resources. It also highlighted the benefits of using authentic materials and created materials, and how you could use each one to better assist your students.This unit gave an overview of the very complex future tense system in English. I have been hesitant to teach future tense to my students because it does get confusing at times. I am thankful for the lessons simple breakdown of the different tenses as well as all of the lesson ideas at the end. I can now make a well structured curriculum for my students and provide a simplified overview of talking about the future. I will be combining the ideas from this lesson as well as the other tense lessons I have completed to make a fully comprehensive guide to tense for my learners.