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This entire unit had seemed to have gone by pretty fast. However, it was particularly challenging with certain new concepts for me like transitive and intransitive phrasal verbs. I am still not actually convinced whether it is better to have the students learn and differentiate between all of these grammar rules or to just simply memorize how we say things, since even to everything there are still exceptions and irregularities. Another thing I had noticed is that \"ought\" is actually a word. I had thought that word was simply a made up ignorant redneck word.Future Tenses are an interesting mix of previously learned material. In many ways is mirrors both past and present tense. But with the future tense there is a greater element of uncertainty. Mostly involving things that will have occurred or will be occurring. in addition to this, there is overlap with the present tense for certain basic statements such as planned events or statements of future time tables or deadlines. It is useful to use the previously learned tenses to play off one another to help convey the overall meaning of the particular future tenses.