TESOL Redlands California

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I must say, this Unit was the toughest to understand. I had to re-read the whole Unit at least 3 times before I understood what is happening and what I can convey to my students. I basically do not understand the phonetic script part. I must admit, I was googling the last 5 questions. I am sure I have them all wrong. In a way, this is not good as my average will go down to its lowest. However, I am confident I can do better in the last remaining Units. I just have to concentrate and put my mind at ease because my future students will need me to be well prepare for whatever questions or needs they would require from me. Having said this, I did understand that this subject is not easy to teach. My guess is that it is up to the individual to grasp the idea of teaching correct pronunciation. I will definitely read more books on this subject.