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Unit 8 dealt with Future Tenses, including Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, Future Perfect Continuous, and 'Going To Future'-Present Continuous and Present Simple. I found this unit to be quit difficult and had to revisit the text and video lectures several times before taking the test. The similarities are quite close to many of the future tenses, but I mainly focused on the structure of the sentences to attempt to match each tense with the correct answer as suggested in the video tutorial.This was yet another example of how much I have forgotten over the years. I take for granted the difficulty of learning the tenses of phrases that are put to use every minute of every day. From this section, I have learned that English can only be improved upon and eventually mastered through rigorous study of the slight changes that were shown in this unit. I must confess, as a native English speaker, I need to keep this section handy to reflect upon when it comes time to teach this in a classroom setting.