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M.G. - Korea said:
This unit covers the equipment and aids a teacher can use to deliver an effective lesson. This covers the pros and cons of a number of audio and visual aids, from white boards, OHPs etc, through to DVDs and video cameras. The choice of visual aid will depend on where you are teaching and what resources are available to you. There are a number of other considerations such as room and class size (can a group of 50 students all watch one tiny TV?, how you plan the lesson - will the focus be on interactivity? If so, watching a DVD for the bulk of the class time will not facilitate this. The choice of aid should support the lesson, not be the focus of it. There is little point having a beautiful interactive powerpoint presentation if the meaning and point of the lesson is lost. Basic aids such as pictures and flash cards can be just as effective as an interactive electronic lesson if used correctly. The key is to use whatever aids can effectively engage your students and support the lesson plan, without becoming the main focus.