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The unit is about productive skills which are speaking and writing. Both the skills are equally important. I learnt that in a lesson accuracy as well as fluency are both important, but when it comes to accuracy as a teacher you are in control of it but when it comes to fluency it is the leaners that are in control of the output. Writing skills are very important when it comes to the English language and that depending on the native language of the students it might be difficult for them to write in English because of the difference letters used in their native language.This unit takes a closer look two other aspects of language learning: Productive Skills. Productive Skills are made up of two components: 1) Speaking 2) Writing Although speaking and writing are seemingly different skills, they are both used to for the same purpose: communication. For language learners, productive skills are extremely important because they will need to be able to communicate ( both orally and in writing) properly using their L2 language. This section goes over techniques and strategies on how to effectively teach English learners productive skills.