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This unit was the review of the often neglected area of learning English by native speakers: Grammar. From Nouns to verbs to prepositions, hopeful teachers must remind themselves of the rules behind the grammar rules that seem to come naturally. This was a particularly difficult unit for me, despite my having majored in English in University, as the study of grammar has taken a backseat to the study of literature. This unit was a great review of basic grammar forms as a native speaker while also laying the groundwork for being able to teach grammar to non-native speakers.I found the identification of special classes to be unique in and of itself. What I found most interesting to learn about, however, were the sections on business English courses and how difficult those sessions can be because of the massive variations between the students. In addition, it's clear that their work lives would cause difficulty for them in completing the courses. Children seem to require the most attention and involvement, however, since the environment appears to have to be more controlled in order for the learning process to be properly instilled in them.