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In Unit 11 we have reviewed the two Receptive skills of any language: Reading and Listening. We may have different motivations for reading or listening: we may be reading for a purpose, or for pleasure. When reading, we need to take into account that the meaning of the text might be affected by the context in which is read, and the background of the person reading it. Also, there are different ways of \"reading\" a text: we may be scanning it for a certain piece of information, reading it in detail to follow instructions, guessing its content by the headline, skimming it to get a general idea... As teachers, selecting Listening and Reading material must be done carefully. The level must be challenging enough to be interesting, and easy enough not to discourage. The lesson must vary topics over time and align with the interests of the students. This unit also reviewed potential problems when teaching Listening and Reading, and how to prevent them.