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TESOL Jobs Butuan Philippines
An overview of the content of this unit can be summed up as \"managing classes\" as the title of the course unit states...
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TESOL Jobs Bocaue Philippines
This unit was about the general types of equipment, materials, and resources foreign language teachers typically have available for classroom use...
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TESOL Jobs Kanazawa Japan
This unit described the different future tenses that are most common and explained their forms and their uses...
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TESOL Jobs Kamakura Japan
The previous units dealt with ESL education issues and techniques for the entire student body...
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TESOL Jobs Kamagaya Japan
We live in a world where technological advances are being made all the time, and where those advances are making way to a classroom setting...
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TESOL Jobs Kakogawa Japan
The past tense is a verb tense expressing activity, action state or being in the past...
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TESOL Jobs Kakamigahara Japan
This unit covered the basics of lesson planning and introduced the general format used to plan lessons...
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TESOL Jobs Surat India
English tenses are tools to help speakers to express time in the language...
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TESOL Jobs Raebareli India
Unit 9, lesson planning, was a very helpful unit since it gave many examples of lesson plans, as well as the important things to consider when planning a lesson such as keeping it simple, using consistent structure, and remaining flexible to name a few...
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TESOL Jobs Purnia India
In Unit 9 I learned the importance about lesson planning especially for inexperienced teachers like myself...
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TESOL Jobs Puri India
This unit described the different evaluations that a Teacher could provide, whether at the start (to know the extent of knowledge of the student) or at the end (to test the progress and retention of the learner)...
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TESOL Jobs Pune India
Following the previous unit, this unit focused on teaching productive skills which include speaking and writing skills...
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TESOL Jobs Proddatur India
For me, the most interesting information in this section was learning that some Asian languages have only one tense, and some Slavic languages have only three tenses, while English has twelve tenses...
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TESOL Jobs Changshi China
This unit introduced key considerations in relation to the teaching of new language, focusing on teaching vocabulary, grammar and language functions...
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TESOL Jobs Cangzhou China
In this section I learned the importance of knowing the difference of the types of words that are used in the English language...
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TESOL Jobs Changji China
There was a multitude of things covered in this lesson including: stressed and unstressed words, and the exceptions that came with them...
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TESOL Jobs Punta Arenas Chile
The content of this unit covered Modals and how they can be used to express differing degrees of formality...
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TESOL Jobs Osorno Chile
This unit showed me just how much I thought I knew about English terminology...
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TESOL Jobs Kingston Canada
When you get accustomed to using English in your day to day life, you forget that there are rules that exist behind sentence structure such as tenses...
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TESOL Jobs Kelowna Canada
Phonology, also known as phonetics, is the study of the particular sound units (phonemes) in languages...
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TESOL Jobs Halifax Canada
present tense nounGRAMMAR a tense expressing an action that is currently going on or habitually performed, or a state that currently or generally exists...
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TESOL Jobs Guelph Canada
The content of this unit is about four present tenses; the present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous...
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TESOL Jobs Cambridge Canada
During the time I spent studying this unit, I learnt that there are four things students need to do with new language; be exposed to it, understand it's meaning, understand how it's constructed and be able to practice and produce it...
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TESOL Jobs Calgary Canada
I have learnt about different ways of evaluating students'level and progress and common external exams that students prepare for...
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TESOL Jobs Souk Ahras Algeria
The content of this unit is based on class room management by the teacher to the learners of the the language ,the various methodology to implement while in class and to an extend the right of students in class as a whole...
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