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English tenses are tools to help speakers to express time in the language. They are of great use and importance in both ways of communication, verbal and Written. The past tense is particularly useful to express completed actions and whether they have been completed or continue going on. After this section, I cannot avoid mentioning the challenge of explaining the irregular verbs to Chinese English learners. This chapter, was really useful by refreshing the structure and rules while writing in past tense.The present tense is very useful grammatical tool, for teachers and students, it forms the base of a sentence describing whether it is happening now, in the past or in the future. I must say at first I found it very confusing, however reading it for a second time I feel more confident now, the essential thing is to understand the formula the formation of the sentence, once you know it then the rest is very easy. In our daily life we use these tenses everyday but we never thought the rules of the sentence.