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When you get accustomed to using English in your day to day life, you forget that there are rules that exist behind sentence structure such as tenses. In this unit, i realised that a proper sentence structure has rules based on whether it is in the affirmative, negative or question form. It was also informative to note that for each of these forms, there were different ways to structure a sentence and different usages for each tense. I was also exposed to a few common mistakes made by students which i was not aware of because i no longer make the same mistakes.Phonology is the study of physical properties of sound. This can be difficult to teach but it is also seen as the most difficult thing to learn, therefore an English teacher must not skip over this. Intonation (the variation of volume and pitch in a sentence) can change the meaning entirely. This is something that can be taught with lines over the sentence to show the rise and fall. Articulation can better be described by its place and manner. You can give examples with your own mouth, a diagram, tongue twister, or even by teaching the phenomes to the students.