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This unit described the different evaluations that a Teacher could provide, whether at the start (to know the extent of knowledge of the student) or at the end (to test the progress and retention of the learner). It is imperative to give the evaluations inorder for the learners to know their level and progress, and for the teachers to see areas for improvement of the students. This unit helped me specially with the information about the general external examinations for a non-native English speaker like me.This unit explored the details of pronunciation and phonology, and some good ways to introduce and instill these concepts. It points out that pronunciation is often neglected in English classrooms, despite being a difficult area for many. The unit also includes the Phonetic alphabet, and discusses the various sounds, mouth-shapes, and vocal movements that are commonly used in spoken English. I was fascinated to learn all the different parts of the mouth, and how they correspond to different sounds we make!