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present tense nounGRAMMAR a tense expressing an action that is currently going on or habitually performed, or a state that currently or generally exists. \"I'm using the present tense\"Example: present perfect continuous, TO LIVE Affirmative Negative He, she, it has been living He hasn't been living We have been living We haven't been living You have been living You haven't been living They have been living They haven't been living The present continuous tense is formed from the present tense of the verb be and the present participle (-ing form) of a verb: Use.This unit went over the different types of materials used in the classroom and how to properly use them or what to be aware of. Every classroom is different depending on funding, what is available, and what part of the world you are living so it is important to keep in mind you will not be with all resources. However there are many online resources for students and teachers that can help with additional material, worksheets, online dictionaries, and practice tests for students. I think it is important to use a variety of materials to keep the students interest.