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The content of this unit covered Modals and how they can be used to express differing degrees of formality.The main verb can be changed by the modal verbs. We also looked at the teaching ideas that can be used to help students understand language such as role plays as modal verbs lend themselves to expressing functions of English. The Active and Passive voices were discussed where 2 sentences can have a similar meaning but in the Active the focus is on the agent, for example Steve bought a new lounge suite. In Passive : A new lounge suit was bought by Steve.This unit gave a great insight into what types of levels and expectations students are looking for from a teacher when they enrol into an ESL/EFLcourse. The information with regards to the different external tests, brought into play the responsibility of the teacher in providing thoughtful and thorough content in curriculum work in order to fulfil the various levels of testing should a student wish to take a specific test. In which case, the regular evaluation of a student's levels and progress would be paramount in developing course work and lesson plans.