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Unit 8 which is all about future tense really enrich my knowledge.Before I've just known that it is in future tense but never been interested in its different forms.By studying it makes me aware of words to use in my everyday conversation or by simply sending messages and much more add to my knowledge which I can use further.I was just contented in my knowledge before of future tense but after reading and understanding unit 8,I've learned to use different forms of future tense in particular time or event.English is a very rich language especially when it comes to verb tenses. There are 4 tenses which are called \"present\" but they have very different usages and constructions. Correcting the students and providing a logical and clear explanation about what is wrong and why doesn't seem to be an easy task. The teacher needs to understand and memorize all the cases where which present tense should be used to transmit his knowledge efficiently. I will probably have to go back to that unit again in the future.