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The previous units dealt with ESL education issues and techniques for the entire student body. This unit fines tunes the approach based on various classes the entire student population is divided into. The classes are the Beginners, the Individual learners, Young Learners, learners of Business English, and Monolingual/Multilingual. The topics discussed were initial reasons for enrolling, continuing motivation level, interests, discipline issues, psychological factors of the classes of students.This was simply an introductory to the course. It explained what the course entailed in every unit and also gave the full meaning of some acronyms. This unit also covered the aims and objects of this course and made clear the fact that one does not have to have a background in any particular field in order to teach English to persons working in that field. That the focus is to teach them English that is appropriate to their field and how they should use it to communicate with their clientele.