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I have learnt about different ways of evaluating students'level and progress and common external exams that students prepare for. Placement tests are used at the beginning of the course to place new students into the right class according to their knowledge. Progress tests are used periodically to show what language students have acquired and what needs to be practiced. Diagnostic tests are extensive than placement tests and can help teachers prepare the materials for students. Practice tests are used as a preparation for external exams such as TOEFL,IELTS, etc.Of the tenses in the English language, the future tense is regarded as the most complex. Forms used in this tense include the future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, going to future, present simple and present continuous. This tense is used in order to convey things such as intentions, predictions, plans and promises. After reading this unit, I have learned that some forms of the present tense can be considered to be used with elements of the future tense. Something such as looking at the train schedule is an example of this.