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This like a international integration to teach English languages.Different groups require customised lesson plan,materials.In this unit instructors experience plays a major role for instance children require more work informal and tolerant approach in the instructions.Business English requires professional approach. Children will probably start from basics whereas business has specific requirements.Elementary grammar for students and advanced level for Business. Children will be academics focus and business will be writing and communication oriented course.I learned about the different past tenses and when to use them. I also think learning about irregular verbs is important because these are exceptions to the English grammar rules that EAL students must learn. There are no logical rules to help students know how to conjugate irregular verbs. As an EAL teacher, I need to be aware of this challenge. I also find it helpful to lean the forms of various past tenses. This way, I can help students identify tenses and properly employ these tenses (e.g. past continuous affirmative is always subject+was/were+verb+ing).