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In this section I learned the importance of knowing the difference of the types of words that are used in the English language. I feel this is important because it helps with creating sentences and I believe a huge part of learning to teach the language. I believe that a teacher who is well informed on the function of words in sentences can and will be successful teaching the language. From this lesson I the need to review the nature of a gerund due to the fact that I personally was never area of them though I have used them in speech everyday of my life.On the last lesson, I scored fairly low. I wanted to make sure I have absorbed the context on this unit before taking the test. It's fair to say that I have learned a lot. I knew speaking and writing were both equally important but I have never paid attention to my writing skills. Aside from inadequate vocabulary, I also have poor penmanship. I didn't know it reflects much about my English writing skills. I'll try to improve it. Also, with teaching, I learned there are a lot of activities to influence the accuracy and fluency on English productive skills.