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We live in a world where technological advances are being made all the time, and where those advances are making way to a classroom setting. Whether it be videos, visual aids, projectors or interactive whiteboards, technology has allowed teachers to make learning more engaging, colorful and practical for their students. Not only have the equipment and teaching aids mentioned in this lesson allowed teachers to be more creative, but given students the ability to be part of a more hands-on lesson.I this unit I learnt more about The future tenses: The Future Simple = Used for - Spontaneous decisions \"I'll go with you\" Predictions (no evidence) \"It'll rain tomorrow\" Future facts \"I'll be 36 next year\" Promises/Threats \"I'll love you forever. The Future Continuous = Used for - Actions in progress at a future time \"I'll be having dinner at 7pm\" To predict the present \"I think Sam will be having dinner now\" Polite enquiries (without influence) \"will you be coming to the party\