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I never really knew much about phonology. I was very interested in this unit because It had a lot of information. The pronunciation part was easier than the phonology one. I feel like I will have to ask a few questions and read the chapter again. I enjoyed looking at the phonetic alphabet although I found it a bit confusing because I have never taken a class on it. Once I read the chapter a few times I started understanding it a little more. I liked the ideas of how to teach the class correct pronunciationThe most common problem situations that teachers may encounter in the classroom and the ways of dealing with them are discussed in this unit. As an inexperienced teacher, I did not realise there could be many problem situations that would affect the way of teaching and students' learning development. Teachers should be aware of their students' backgrounds and level of English so that we can tailor made our lesson plans suitable for that particular class of students in order to maximize the learning output.