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The ESL teacher has tools to help him/her to boost students learning. Being aware of these equipment and teaching aid devices make the lessons more alluring for the students and gives the teacher greater autonomy from textbooks. Various assets can be used by the teacher, such as OHP (over head projector), videos and DVDs, online resources, black and IWB (interactive white borad) boards, CD players and many more. All depends of your classroom needs and the access you have to these tools.I always regard the use of course book as an aid for teaching instead of a rigid material to always refer and stick to. The teacher can adapt the materials and exercises in the course book to the students' ability and receptivity in order to enhance their learning. Appropriate input of authentic materials after learning the language point and practising the use of the language through elicitation and gap-fill exercises can provide students with more confidence to tack real life material.