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There was a multitude of things covered in this lesson including: stressed and unstressed words, and the exceptions that came with them. How each stressed word in a sentence could be an indication of something different. There were many rules that were mentioned in this lesson to inform us of the number of syllables used. For example, stress on the last syllable is used in two syllable words. Another part of the lesson that I found to be interesting was the manner of articulation; which consisted of different areas and how each word can sound differently.Wow! As I am a Korean, this was very tough and difficult session to study since the words are very professional and theoretical. However, it was very good to know in deep level because it is necessary to know this all to correct and teach the right pronunciation to students since all different languages have a different way to be pronounced. For me, I think it will be good to teach the pronunciation in times by times and whenever I need to teach and correct the students. To teach this as the class, I need to study hard and master this before the teaching.