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In this unit, we reviewed English grammar in term of modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. Comparing three of them, phrasal verbs should be the most difficult part, since there are numbers of phrasal verbs need us to get memorized particularly, and we have to be able to distinguish the differences in each type of them, especially the rules of them used in certain ways. we must be aware of those phrasal verbs during our learning ,and pile them up in our memory constantly.I found that this unit explained the past tenses better than I had them explained to me at school. The unit gave clear and easily understood examples of how and when to use past tenses. Aside from this I get the idea that there isn't really an interesting way for students to study the past simple verbs. They just have to memorize them. There are numerous activities however that I found useful to engage students and help them to activate the various uses of the past tenses.