TEFL Reviews

TESOL Certification Aktau Kazakhstan
This unit was interesting and useful its very important to know which kind of equipments and material we need in classroom for teaching...
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TESOL Certification Ichinomiya Japan
This chapter covers various ascpects of the teachers role within the classroom including: classroom management, activity configurations, teacher talk time vs...
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TESOL Certification Messina Italy
This unit talks about the various resources that a teacher can use in the classroom so as to be able to improve on their lessons...
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TESOL Certification Livorno Italy
overview of the content of the unit The unit includes information about teaching two receptive skills ? reading and listening...
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TESOL Certification Latina Italy
I learned from this section?what are Present Tenses, present simple sentence, the present perfect question form, present simple question form, present perfect sentences, present continuous sentences, present perfect negative form, uses of the present simple negative form, uses the present continuous question form, and present perfect continuous forms...
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TESOL Certification Netanya Israel
After all the 20 units, I found out I have more ideas how to become a good teacher and also how to teach the students effectively...
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TESOL Certification Holon Israel
This unit came to teach but also to clarify in my mind not only as teacher but also as a second language student...
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TESOL Certification Haifa Israel
This unit has covered advice which Infound was not covered in previous units due to being more general and not quite specific enough to mention in other units...
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TESOL Certification Eilat Israel
English can be understood without using intonation and stress but sounds more natural and fluent when these methods are used...
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TESOL Certification Dublin Ireland
This unit strengthened knowledge I had learnt in previous units and added on more information without being overwhelming...
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TESOL Certification Sulamaniya Iraq
In this unit, i've learned that in teaching a new language, particularly vocabulary, grammar and language functions, there are varrious factors to be taken into consideration to that the lesson we give to our students would be a beneficial one...
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TESOL Certification Ramadi Iraq
I taught vocabulary before to students a lot in past teaching jobs so this unit was helpful in showing new activities to teach them...
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TESOL Certification Mosul Iraq
This unit, which covered basic requirements to remember and subsequent techniques to use when teaching a new language, has provided a structured approach to lessons...
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TESOL Certification Kirkuk Iraq
This unit covers the advantages and disadvantages of coursebooks, authentic and created materials, the latter with some examples...
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TESOL Certification Saqez Iran
This unit was more about observing how a class is driven towards students using all the techniques shown in previous units...
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TESOL Certification Sabzewar Iran
Interesting information learned here regarding what to introduce, and when to introduce it based on the stages in vocabulary learning, and new language structure and grammar...
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TESOL Certification Dehradun India
In this unit I learned that the productive skills are reading and writing and how even though it may seem that speaking should be the most highlighted skill, writing skill development exercises should not be ignored and relegated to homework...
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TESOL Certification Cartago Costa Rica
This unit took me hours!! I found the passive and active voice definitions made sense however the examples were very difficult due to the wording...
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