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Then content is on the past tense of a verb base on the sentence construction,in which we have the simple past tense to past perfect continoues ,the common erors maid in the use of'ing' in line with the verb to be,also the sentences based on time past.I have learnt the use of 'ing' in the past tense construction and the difference between past perfect continuoues and the simple past tense of a verb ,the teaching idea and the best meethod to differentiate the tenses.The content of this unit teaches you how to teach your students to use their writing and speaking skills. The lesson goes over which specific activities and learning methods can be used to teach the two productive skills as well as examples of ESA lesson plans for each productive skill. I learned what fluency activities are and the important areas of writing that should be addressed when teaching students how to write such as hand writing, spelling, and punctuation.