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TESOL Certification Hindupur India
I studied about the various kinds of tests from some organizations which motivate the EFL teachers and those who are interested in testing their skills and how they are close to be professional...
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TESOL Certification Gurgaon India
interesting and short, it took me a bit to conceptualize everything but it is important and needed for any valuable teacher...
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TESOL Certification Guntur India
This unit emphasised the importance of selecting the correct texts for the learners and the differences between authentic and non-authentic texts...
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TESOL Certification Guntakul India
This also reinforced what was talked about in unit 3 regarding the focus of study vs activity stages (accuracy vs fluency), so that was good...
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TESOL Certification Guna India
The most important factor in establishing and maintaining a classroom discipline is fostering good rapport between students and teacher...
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TESOL Certification Cottbus Germany
I found this unit particularly interesting and it does tend to get abit easier the third time round being exposed to the tenses of the English language...
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TESOL Certification Chemnitz Germany
Teaching Special Groups I enjoyed from a Business perspective reading about teaching English for business clients and the relevant need assessments that could be required by individual class requirements in regards to business English, Questions 8 to 12 I found there could be a few ways to implement the study phase and the order could have indeed be random to suit the requirements if the situation warranted...
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TESOL Certification Jimo China
in this unit we learn the importance not only to speak and writing in english but the more important listening and reading side...
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TESOL Certification Jiayuguan China
Through studying this unit Ihave learned the different approaches to teaching special groups such as young learners, beginners and business groups...
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TESOL Certification Fengcheng China
In this lesson I was able to learn about the different kinds of tests utilized to better prepare teachers in the classroom such as evaluation by the students...
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TESOL Certification Atushi China
This unit was very easy to understand and fun to learn,because it had many good examples to explain all the different forms of conditionals...
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TESOL Certification Anshun China
Unit 21 was interesting as it again broke down the English language I know intuitively into a form with a process...
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TESOL Certification Duque De Caxias Brazil
The visualization of the tree (grammar being the trunk and branches as vocabularies and functions as the leaves that add beauty) was a good way to explain...
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TESOL Jobs Ordu Turkey
These two videos provided two distinctly different styles of teaching methods and teaching behavior within the classroom...
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TESOL Jobs Vladikavkaz Russia
This was an interesting lesson because teaching different kind of groups requires analysis, effort and good planning...
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TESOL Jobs Velikiye Luki Russia
This unit was a nice review for what kinds of materials I can use and how and why I should structure a detailed lesson plan (for instance, so that a substitute teacher can easily take over the class for me if need be)...
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TESOL Jobs Ust-Kamenogorsk Russia
This unit gave me a good understanding of the course content, aim and objectives, including the introduction, teaching and learning, course development, materials, teaching themes and business English world...
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