Complete TESOL Diploma

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

P.C. - France said:
This course has been valuable on many different levels: - This course was very well structured and covered all the subjects which are necessary to enter a classroom with the confidence to begin teaching. It gave me in insight on most general questions and topics most teachers will come across when teaching and will need to go over with students during their career. - It help me gain insights and knowledge on teaching skills and methodology, giving me ideas and tips for the different stages of language teaching: syllabus planning, lesson planning, activities (to use in class), classroom management… - This course also gave me a thorough reminder of all the basic knowledge that needs to be taught to future english-speakers: grammar, tenses, pronunciation…. Completing this course has been enlightening and inspiring, providing answers, leads and ideas to some (most) of the questions and doubts that arose during my previous teaching experiences. The teaching skills and methodology taught here to help structure english teaching have especially been helpful. Now my aim is to be able to always remember and refer to all the knowledge, both theoretical and practical, I acquired through this course while always staying attentive and open-minded enough to adapt to my students’ and classes’ levels and needs. Considering my future plans as a new teacher, I’m currently debating whether I should first try and teach in france where I’m residing presently or seize the opportunity to go back abroad. I have been traveling for almost a year and came back to Europe recently. EFL teaching could be a perfect opportunity to continue traveling in a new manner. As a matter of fact it is precisely because this TEFL course and certificate will allow me to work both abroad and in my own country that I find it interesting. Wherever I decide to teach, I intend to consider working in all kinds of structures: non-profit organizations (as I did before), public and private schools but also private lessons. I love teaching and it often is a reward in itself, but I would love to make a living out of english teaching, at least combined with my previous job. Therefore I intend to look into all teaching opportunities. Even web or online teaching and examination correction could, at some point, become interesting work alternatives.