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S.K. - Japan said:
During this unit, I learned different ways of evaluating students? levels and progress. There are a number of ways to assess a student?s language level such as tutorials, evaluation by the students, tests. Tutorial can take place with the whole group of individual students. Evaluation by students can be useful to ask the students to evaluate their course work by means of questionnaire or guided discussion. There are four major types of tests which are as follow: Practice tests, Placement test, Diagnostic tests, Progress test. Each of these tests are designed for a different purpose. There is also the achievement test: it is usually an internal test given at the end of a course e.g. at the end of the school year. I also learned about the different categories of Cambridge exam which are KET PET FCE CAE CPE. I also learned that TOEFL is an American English Exam that is required by most US universities for admission purposes. I also learned that the Skills for Life ESOL exam is uniquely tailored to the needs of those who have moved to Britain, i.e. immigrants needing English as second language.