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Like the summary said it as well, all receptive skills are equally important. It was interesting to learn about reasons for reading and listening. The \"How we read and listen\" gave me a really good general idea about how student read and start to read on classes and daily life. The \"Problems with listening and reading\" gave me good ideas for classes where the main topic is about reading or listening, and I learnt about how to help students to read if the text is too difficult (pre-teaching vocabulary).The cloud surrounding the Future Present tense has been cleared in this unit. This unit definitely handles all the different aspect last of the future present ranging from the future simple tense to the present continuous ( sometimes used to talk about the future) and ends with helpful tops on how to unmask the mystery surrounding the usually broad and complex future tense. The ESL teacher will there find this unit essentially useful when teaching any of the grammatical aspects of the simple present tense.