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Unit 7 discusses approaches to teaching different types of lessons. Factors that affect the difficulty of new vocabulary are listed and a guideline for selecting vocabulary is presented. Methods, activities, and techniques for each phase (engage, study, activate) of the lesson are provided in the section. A typical lesson plan is also provided. The other sections (grammar structure, language functions) follow the same format. I've taught all of this many times over the years, but still learned a couple new activities from Unit 7 that I haven't used before.I learned there are several considerations when picking a reading for your class. The teacher is not the center of learning, rather all of the students' interests and capability should be the forefront of the lesson. As a reading is introduced to students, difficult words should be previewed and understood prior to reading. After, the students can try to read individually to understand the context of the reading. The teacher should have a small role and that is to guide and assist when possible, so students can build up their own confidence to read on their own.