TESOL Jobs Puente Alto Chile

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Wow! I can't believe I've gone this far. The whole course taught me a lot. The course taught me the importance of knowing the right usage of grammar, how to teach receptive and productive skills effectively, different kinds of theories and methodology, how to deal with problems in class, etc. Everything that I've read from Introductory Units through Unit 20 helped me to become an effective teacher and a changed one. I will see to it that this course that I studied will not be put in vain but to make my career more enjoyable and productive. Thank you so much!This lesson exposed me to the various types of tests and also made the various distinctions between all of them. External exams such as the TOEFL is the english proficiency exam that foreign learners need to take in order to study at a University where the primary language used is English. Therefore, as an english teacher in a foreign country, I may possibly play a role in making sure future engineers and physicists and mathematicians can attend the best school for them because they would need to be able to speak english well to get in if they are from Asia.