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In Unit 9 I learned the importance about lesson planning especially for inexperienced teachers like myself. It gives us a sense of security having a lesson plan because during our early stages of teaching we tend to still feel nervous and we haven't develop a good sense of timing and we are still in the process of getting to know our students so its important for us to have a structure to follow. I also practiced making my own straight arrow ESA lesson plan as practice and was gifted a template to print out.In this unit I have learnt that students interests need to be active during all leassons for a strong cohesive learning environment. Preteaching is important when teaching topics that may have complex vocabulary intertwined in the lesson plan. Activate excersises create a stronger association with the Receptiveness of a lesson in the eyes of the student and of the teacher. Creating something fun for the students to learn about can create a stronger bond and basis for the comprehension and activity execution.