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I have seen how a lesson is carried out using ESA lesson plan on the modal pronoun verbs on a small english basic class. Even though I have been in the receiving end of a lesson, this is my first time seeing a lesson as a aspiring teacher. It is amazing i can feel the thrills of being able to provide a great lesson to my future students. I had some ideas in my mind how i would carry out a lesson and the video provided me with more feedback on how to do this. I hope there are more video lessons like this in the following chapters. I know i can succeed in it.This unit talks about conditionals and reported speech. Here, we learned that conditionals are sentences containing \"IF\" or a similar expression such as as \"When\" which refer to the past, present, and the future possibilities. We also learned that there are five amin conditionals, they include; Zero conditional, First conditional, Second conditional, Third conditional and mixed conditionals. So, it is very imporatnt for the teacher to be able to know these conditionals and the reported speech so as to be able to transfer the knowledge to their students.