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For me, the most interesting information in this section was learning that some Asian languages have only one tense, and some Slavic languages have only three tenses, while English has twelve tenses. This helps a teacher understand the challenges a non-english speaking student may face when trying to master tenses in the English language. I can only surmise that in the one-tense Asian languages, the past must be communicated by the manner in which the rest of the sentence is structured. Just guessing though.This was a very brief unit which can be very important especially to new teachers. I learnt of how to conduct first classes and different circumstances under which a first class may be. I learnt the difference between a new group and an existing group and how to handle the two. I also learnt of the importance of warmers when carrying out a first class and how to handle different types of students. It was a great experience doing this course as it helped enhance my knowledge when it comes to teaching English.