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In this unit I learnt how to use a course book effectively. It is not enough to just follow the course book phrase by phrase but the teacher should be flexible enough to adapt the coursebook to the level and understanding of the students. The major objective of using a coursebook for me would be as a guideline towards engaging the students to be more active and participatory. A teacher should also be able to simulate this coursebook to the individual needs of students especially through class groups so that each group can get close up attention from the teacher.Unit ten consisted of two videos. The first was of an unfriendly and disinterested instructor who taught the class as if the students should know what he was talking about. He was pushy and intimidating and his students were confused and uninterested. In the second video the instructor was friendly and engaging. He was genuinely interested in what he was teaching and his students. His lesson was well organized and encouraged participation. He did criticize his students even when they got it wrong. The students enjoyed the class so much they applauded at the end.